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Coco’s Cake Shoppe

Branding, Stationery & Cake Drawings

Coco’s is a boutique cake shop in Coquitlam BC specializing in high-end, made to order, artistic wedding and birthday cakes. The owner required a logo and business cards, gift tags, promotional greeting cards and printed cake menu. We started from scratch (just like she does) and developed an elegant solution for her home-baked company. I suggested a menu that she could include with her orders to act as a promotional piece by encouraging customers to treat it more like a poster by making it visually appealing enough that they would hang them on the wall.

Ashley specializes in intricate, hand painted edible roses and exotic flowers which informed the colour decision for the logo and cards and required a particularly hands-on solution. A custom word mark was designed on paper and then meticulously rendered as a vector using the pen tool. To present the cakes for the menu I developed a series of illustrations that kept with the hand-crafted, old-style look but added some fun and personality.