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Cookbook Design Project

Typography & Publication

Electronic Design at Lasalle College is an introductory course to layout and publication with InDesign. This project requires students to design a conceptual cookbook that is creative in it’s presentation of the story, recipes, side tips, food pairings and other elements that all work together as part of a coherent concept. It is meant to be a fun project that requires concept development and detailed planning of pages. They must think about the presentation of the text: the introductory story and how it can be used to create a thread through the pages, the recipes themselves and accompanying graphics, illustrations, icons, lists of ingredients, quotes and call-outs to add visual interest. It is an exercise on working with grids, spatial zones, paragraph and character styles, typography and page elements.

My sample layout design shows a front and back cover and several inside spreads to demonstrate a conceptualized theme used throughout the publication. All work was done by me including Photoshop editing of selections, lighting, customized backgrounds and colourization of grayscale photography. Illustrations were hand done and all graphic elements were created in Illustrator or InDesign.