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Thematic Illustration

Digital Image Manipulation

In my advanced Photoshop classes, I am always looking for fun ways to challenge students to use Photoshop as a tool for expressing their ideas visually while mastering technique. Many of them get stuck in the routine of looking for a stock image and simply leaving it at that. For my classes they are always required to use Photoshop to manipulate, colour correct of restore images in order to use them in their layout projects. In this assignment, students must create a ‘new world’ that juxtaposes two or more ideas that would never coexist in reality. It can be a surreal dreamworld but must be derived from an underlying concept. Required before commencing with their final art is a series of mind maps and sketches from which they will build
their final illustration.

In my demonstration, I show them at least two mind maps and four sketches that I built my idea from. I show them the stock photography that I use to create my illustration and then I show them the final result. The example I’ve included shows some process work and images used in the illustration on the following page. It demonstrates a high level of photo-manipulation with quality image selection and blending which are the skills that I try to convey in my advanced Photoshop classes as an industry standard.