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Spirit of Our Youth

WordPress Site Design & Build

The Problem

Spirit of Our Youth is an organization that provides culturally-based programs and services to Indigenous individuals, families, children and youth across Canada. Their programs provide help for emotional issues, abuse, mental health concerns, abandonment and addictions and offer support to families in crisis. Their website is the key tool in providing support workers with up-to-date information about bed availability in safe houses for children and youth. The technical challenges included simplifying the information on the old site and including a new and more visually appealing way for workers to update the availability and post about relevant stories that show engagement with the community and their focus on respectful indigenous support.

Inspiration + Strategy

The organization was able to provide many images from their community events and activities in their group homes. It was important for them to present a welcoming and understanding voice, with a strong focus on indigenous culture and values. Images of people and especially caregivers and children were used to convey an authentic voice that invokes a sense of authenticity and trust. A colour palette of warm and traditional colours was developed from cultural imagery and activities.

Content organization focused on minimizing the page count and consolidating services into more streamlined and structured pages. Larger headings, simplified sections, and more imagery improved upon the lack-lustre pages of solid text.

Solution + Success

The website launch has been a success with much positive feedback from the client and their users. Support workers are able to access the intake/referral form with ease and the organization has been able to update their always changing availability of beds through the use of the WordPress CMS. The improved look of the site, and refresh of the logo create a more meaningful presentation of critical information needed to help with the very important work that they do with indigenous youth and adults with developmental disabilities.