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Vector Drawing Project

Adobe Illustrator

In print production, it is essential that designers understand the constraints and advantages of printing with ink using offset lithography and digital print methods. In my print production class, it is my goal to provide assignments that inventively challenge students’ design and problem-solving abilities in a real-world setting. This project requires students to find an existing advertisement for a product and re-design it using only vectors and three spot colours. They are given a particular size that they must adhere to which challenges them to design the ad to work in a different space and still deliver the same message. It is meant to develop their technical skills in Adobe Illustrator, encourage good typography, and challenge them with design elements and layout within constraints of specific print specifications. Students must provide initial concept sketches and full-sized roughs before commencing with their final vector illustration and layout.

I encourage the students to explore the use of mesh, gradients, and overprinting to mix colours and create more interesting tonal shading. The work must be able to separate into three printing plates and pass a preflight check that ensures it would be printable using offset lithography. These aspects are demonstrated in my sample illustration that I show them.

(example ad)