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WJS Canada

Wordpress Site Design & Build

The Problem

WJS is a Canada-wide company that serves individuals and families with high quality, personalized, and culturally responsive support for people across Canada ranging from counselling services for trauma, rehabilitation for injuries, support for the elderly and many services dedicated to those with special needs. Due to the magnitude of services offered, the organization's brand identity and website had become disjointed and lacked the visual appeal needed to reach their intended audience. They needed a comprehensive website that streamlined information on their diverse range of offerings with a design that could be implemented later to other brand collateral and promotion. The difficulty in the site design lay in creating cohesion between the numerous offices and services with a voice that was direct yet meaningful for each of their many potential users while creating a hub for employees to gain access to the many internal services that they use daily.


Their original site consisted of nearly 100 pages of fragmented information, the result of their growth, many contributors and perceived need for granular information on every level. While working with the content developers and strategists at Details Communication, I developed a visual design system that worked with their current branding while creating a friendly, visually appealing and welcoming experience for users. Moving away from an overwhelming use of generic, stock photography, a select few images were used and personalized videos shot to capture the essence of their community-minded approach. We developed a new brand-standard for the organization to be used internally by its many employees and offices across Canada. Once the brand look and feel were approved, website planning could move into organizing and wireframing.



The final website is streamlined and accessible. Reducing the original page count from 100+ granular sections with multiple navigations, down to 15 pages with simplified navigation and consistent page structure that is mobile friendly and engaging allows the important services and information to be easily explored by users. The brighter colour palette moves away from the corporate and rather cold branding of the previous site and collateral. WJS has taken the brand refresh implemented in the website project and begun transforming their entire brand voice to align with the more accessible and welcoming identity.